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Zari, age 7, writes:

One time my dad was driving and somebody called him, so he was about to answer it. I answered it and told the person to call back in 15 minutes so we could be safe. By the way, you're good looking hair is nice, and stay cool!

Ruff replies:

It sounds like you and your dad did exactly the right thing! Good job! And thank you for your compliment. I must be having a good fur day!

Gameboy 2009, age 8, writes:

Why are you so smart? And you are kind.

Ruff replies:

And YOU, Gameboy 2009, are very observant! But seriously, it took a lot of hard work and studying to get me up to Humble Media Genius level.

Mustapha, age 9, writes:

What if you need to send a text immediately and can't pull over, what would you do?

Ruff replies:

Here's the tricky thing, Mustapha: NO text is worth endangering yourself and others. If you can't pull over, don't send (or read) that text.

Serena, age 10, writes:

Do you look for squeaky toys on the Internet? Do you look for food on the Internet?

Ruff replies:

Yes and yes! I mean, really, who doesn't? And you didn't even mention another of my favorites: SQUEAKY TOYS THAT LOOK LIKE FOOD!

Kiara, age 8, writes:

Do YOU ever get distracted while driving?

Ruff replies:

Actually, I DO sometimes get distracted. But the important thing is to KNOW when you're being distracted, and get your eyes back on the road!

Katie, age 9, writes:

My dad goofs around sometimes on purpose while driving. Could it be a distraction to the road?

Ruff replies:

Goofy dads (you know who you are) are DEFINITELY a distraction while driving. Dads should hold off on their goofiness until they arrive safely at the destination. Of course, your dad's goofiness may be "stored up" at that point, so beware: EXTRA-STRENGTH goofiness may be in your future.

Rachel, age 6, writes:

What happens when you text so much that you send a text to the wrong person?

Ruff replies:

It usually means that you're about to get a text back saying "What?!" or "Who is this?" or "WHY DO YOU KEEP TELLING ME ABOUT SQUEAKY TOYS!" (Uh... just saying...) But it's an important lesson: you never know who will see what you write, so it's best to never write anything you don't feel comfortable sharing with everyone — in the whole world!

Kayla, age 7, writes:

Do you ever have the feeling to hit the computer when it is going slow?

Ruff replies:

No, Kayla, I don't. Humble Media Geniuses respect technology. Hitting a computer can only lead to hurt hands, and it doesn't make the computer go any faster. (That said, I HAVE tried spritzing water on Chet to make HIM go faster.)

Gabi, age 9, writes

I haven't had any one in my family text while driving, but I was just wondering, what if a kid like me was in a car with someone who was texting and driving, what should you do? And even if you say "stop" that person who texting says "back off"? I doubt it could it could happen, but it could.

Ruff replies:

Great question, Gabi! Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing. If it's your parent, wait until you're NOT driving, then let them know you don't like it when they text and drive. If it's someone else, then your parents could talk to them. Good luck!

JazLynn, age 12, writes:

To be honest, I always think it's better to tell the person you're texting that you will text them later to avoid Car Crashes, Injuries, or Big Tickets. When you're driving, make sure your music isn't blasting. That always distracts my mom. Last, make sure the person who is in the passenger seat doesn't try to get you to look at things while you're driving. You should wait until you're at a red light or your destination!

Ruff replies:

JazLynn, that is all great advice — except for one thing. If a driver gets a text while driving, they shouldn't text back, even to say "I'll text you later." They should just ignore it until they've stopped driving. But everything else is exactly right!

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