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A Guide to The Internet and Chet!

Go behind the scenes of our video about some simple things you can do online.
Picture of Ruff looking worried

Help is at Hand!

Need to learn something? Need to chat with someone? Need to buy something, sell something, make something, pay a bill, or just have a laugh? Well, if you have an internet connection, help is just a few clicks or taps away.

Picture of Ruff and Blossom at computer

Go Online!

Connect to the internet through a computer or phone. If you're new to all this, it's best to learn from someone with experience. Someone like Blossom!

Picture of a birthday invitations website

Get Together!

Lots of web sites connect friends, schoolmates, or family. Ruff and Blossom use one to invite Ruff's family to a surprise birthday party. Sites like that are great ways to organize any group event, especially when people are traveling from far and wide.

Picture of a charity website


Many charities make giving easy by letting you do it online. You have to be 18 or over to use a credit card, but it's definitely a quick way to help a good cause.

Picture of a maker website

Buying Stuff!

Shopping online is easy, and often lets you find the cheapest price. It's best to go to web sites you trust, and to read reviews of the product and of the company or person selling it. But don't forget that many companies charge extra for shipping.

Picture of a homemade trampoline

Making Things!

Ruff decides to make Chet a mouse-sized trampoline with rubber bands, He found the idea online. The internet has information about almost anything you might want to make or fix. Especially helpful are photos or videos to help you picture what everything should look like.

Picture of Ruff and Blossom looking at a phone

Storing Photos!

People take lots of photos on their phones. If you do, it's a good idea to save them on a different device (like a computer) in case you lose your phone.

Diagram of cloud computing


One way to back up your photos is to save them to "the cloud." What that means is you're saving them onto other computers that you can log into from anywhere. Although it means other people might be able to see your photos, you can easily find them yourself at any time by connecting to the internet.

Picture of a cake made of cheese

What to Eat!

Fun fact: the internet has more than cat pictures; it has lots of food pictures, too! Ruff and Blossom found a recipe for a cheesy cheesecake. You can learn to cook any recipe by looking online.

Picture of Blossom with Ruff's family

Family Time!

One of the amazing things about the internet is that you can video chat with people around the world. In our video, Helga couldn't come to Chet's party in person, but she joined it (from Sweden!) by video chat.

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