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Hearty, age 12, writes:

On the news, they were talking about a driverless car in the future. I don't know if it's real or fake. HELP ME RUFF!

Ruff replies:

OKAY, YOU CAN RELAX NOW. EVERYTHING IS IN CONTROL. I'M HERE TO HELP YOU! Yes, different companies are developing cars that can drive on their own, using satellite navigation and other technology. Some are actually being tested on roads right now!

Angelina 777, age 7, writes:

Why does ttyl mean "see you later"?

Ruff replies:

TTYL actually stands for Talk To You Later, which kind of means "see you later." I also like TTYLWYHCTFTS: Talk To You Later When You Have Chinese Takeout Food To Share!

Felicia, age 9, writes:

Does Chet have his license?

Ruff replies:

Chet DOES have his license! You can see him driving a truck in my hit song "Just Drive!"

Justin, age 12, writes:

Is it okay use a tablet while riding a bike?

Ruff replies:

Unfortunately, Justin, using a tablet while riding a bike is not a good idea. (I hope you weren't riding your bike while sending me this question!) Just like someone who's driving a car, you need to pay attention to the road. "But Ruff," you ask (in a fake French accent, for some reason), "what if I'm riding on the back on one of those two-person tandem bikes?" The answer is still no, since you still need to hold on — and once in a while wave to people who think you're part of a tiny parade.

Sarah M&M's, age 9, writes:

Do you like driving for 1 and 1/2 hours?

Ruff replies:

Yes, I do! The best Chinese takeout is 45 minutes away!

K-dude, age 9, writes:

Are you a good hider in "Hide and Go Seek"?

Ruff replies:

You bet! I once hid from Grandma Ruffman for three days without her finding me! Although, come to think of it, she might not actually have been looking for me...

Nate a.k.a. Silly Guy writes:

If you can't use your phone in a car, what do you do when you get a call?

Ruff a.k.a. The Ruffster replies:

If you have a hands-free device, then it's safe to answer. But if you don't, just call them back when you're not driving anymore.

Blaire, age 9, writes:

What would happen if someone was bullying you on the internet?

Ruff replies:

Blaire, I hope this isn't happening to you! But it DOES happen. The best thing is to tell someone you trust — a parent, a relative, a teacher — right away. You shouldn't deal with it yourself. There are people who care about you who will help you!

Alyson, age 8, writes:

Whenever I'm in the car, we don't ever take out phones unless my younger brother isn't there, because my brother is ADDICTED to phones, and he's only 1! AND, if he doesn't get the phone he screams forever.

Ruff replies:

Alyson, you are wise to hide your phone from your younger brother! One time while driving I heard a news report that there was a squeaky toy shortage (there had been a fire at the squeaker factory). I started screaming... which totally distracted me. Luckily, I was stuck in a traffic jam, and we were totally stopped. (But not so lucky for those drivers nearby. Sorry, fellow jammers!)

Katie, age 9, writes:

If you had a million dollars what would you buy, Ruff?

Ruff replies:

I am a dog of simple tastes, Katie. All I would get would be a few new squeaky toys. And... maybe a cool pair of sunglasses, you know, to impress Charlene. And, of course, it goes without saying that I'd get a secret lair inside a volcano from where I could vanquish my enemies and rule the world. So, just those three things. Yes, a humble genius with humble needs — that's me.

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