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A Guide to Our Green Tech Videos

Go behind the scenes of our videos "An Orange Dog Goes Green" and "Ask Ruff: The Green Edition", where Ruff learns about being green with technology.
Picture of Ruff driving

Plan Your Drive!

Cars are at their least efficient at the beginning of trips and on short trips, so plan to take care of many chores on one trip, rather than taking lots of little separate trips.

Picture of Ruff and Blossom with plant

Smart Planting!

Planting trees, bushes, and other plants is a wonderful way to spruce up your world! Just make sure that everything can grow in your climate.

Picture of Blossom and Chet

Drones Protecting Animals!

Unmanned drones can help save endangered wildlife from poachers, but scientists are still learning the best ways to use drones so the animals aren't disturbed.

Picture of Ruff, Blossom and Chet


Recycling is easier than ever, with curbside service in many areas, plus recycling centers. Just make sure to follow any rules.

Picture of Blossom's phone


Nowadays it seems that everything runs on batteries. Always check your local regulations before disposing of used batteries.

Picture of Ruff and Blossom in darkness

Turn It Off!

One of the easiest ways to save electricity (and therefore save the natural resources used to CREATE that electricity) is to just use less power. When something's not in use, power it down.

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