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Zack, age 7, writes:

Is it ok to eat sushi?

Ruff replies:

If you like sushi, it's VERY okay to eat sushi! (Just not while you're driving.)

Vonn, age 8, writes:

Are you a real dog or a person in a costume?

Ruff replies:

I believe I could ask you the same question! That said, I will tell you that I am 100% pure AWESOME dog!

Julie, age 10, writes:

Well, when the light is on red my mom texts, but when the light turns green she might know, or I shout it out. I always know my mom only texts important things on the road.

Cheychey, age 6, writes:

If you are in a car but not driving, can you text?

Ruff replies:

Even though the car isn't moving (I hope) when you're at a red light, it's not a good idea to text in the car. A big part of driving is being aware of what's going on around you, and if someone's looking at a phone, they're not paying proper attention.

Dan Dan, age 9, writes:

Should you ever stand in a car?

Ruff replies:

Unless you're a mouse like Chet, the answer is no. (And he certainly doesn't stand up while driving!)

Nevaeh, age 9, writes:

I am the person who keeps my family focused on the road, and my little sister is the person who is the big distraction.

Ruff replies:

Good for you, Nevaeh! Thanks for being a good copilot!

Lily, age 7, writes:

Is it okay to play music in the car?

Ruff replies:

It depends. Playing the radio is fine. Playing the tuba is not.

Avery, age 9, writes:

How do you know if web sites are appropriate or not?

Ruff replies:

Avery, that is an important question! One good rule is: would the adults in your life think it's a good site? If not, then it's probably not appropriate. I'd say, if you ever have questions, ask your parents.

Maria, age 8, asks:

Do you know a funny joke?

Ruff replies:

As a matter of fact, I DO know a funny joke!

Olivia, age 9, writes:

How do you drive when you do not have any thumbs, Ruff? And when my mom drives I'm a chatterbox ha ha . :)

Ruff replies:

First of all, Olivia, I do SO have thumbs! I can hold things. I give thumbs-ups all the time. Heck, one of my dance moves involves EXTENSIVE and ELABORATE thumb action! So, I drive very well, thank you. As far as your being a chatterbox, that's totally fine (as long as you don't distract your mom while driving).

Alex, age 12, writes:

What if someone takes your phone and starts taking pics of something that you did not take?

Ruff replies:

Ah, the ol' take-wacky-selfies-on-your-friend's-phone-when-they're-not-looking trick. A classic! I would say that if friends do it (and the pictures are just silly), then it's probably just a harmless prank. However, it you don't know the person, or the photos are weird (in a bad way), then either ask them to stop, or talk to an adult about it. (One way to avoid this whole thing is by password-protecting your phone, and NOT telling anyone your password.)

Rachel writes:

If your car has a feature where it can do wireless calling, is it okay to use it?

Ruff replies:

When you're driving, it's best to JUST DRIVE. But hands-free phones are okay to use — as long as the conversation itself isn't too distracting (like a big argument over whether your assistant Chet INTENTIONALLY left a big hunk of cheese under your pillow). (Which I know he TOTALLY did!)

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