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Driving and You!

Go behind the scenes of our driving video.
Picture of Ruff with a driving game

Let's Hit the Road

In this video Ruff is playing a driving game. But imagine what it would be like if he were REALLY driving. Do you think he's making good decisions?

Picture of Ruff playing a driving game

Pay Attention!

Like all drivers, Ruff has to keep his eyes and mind on the road.

Picture of Ruff scared while driving

Things Happen Fast!

When you drive, you move very quickly. If you get distracted, bad things can happen very quickly.

Picture of Ruff reaching for his phone while driving

Watch Out For Distractions!

Using a phone in the car can be a real distraction. It's not safe to take your eyes off the road — or your hands off the wheel.

Picture of Ruff texting while driving

No Texting!

Texting while driving is very dangerous. If you're looking at your phone, you're not paying attention to the road. Even if the car is stopped at a traffic light, don't text! The driver should be looking around for other cars or for people walking.

Picture of Ruff with a phone

Musical Madness!

Don't mess around with your music player when you're driving!

Picture of a driving game with Ruff and Glen avatars

Be a Good Copilot!

When you're in the car, help the driver keep his or her eyes on the road. Be the one who changes the music or sends a text. That way you'll all arrive safely!

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