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About the Wummox

The Wummox

  • bigger than a car
  • Slides on a mucusy foot, like a snail
  • Eats tree bark & leaves
  • Eyes on swivelling stalks
  • Long front teeth
About the Wummox

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drawing by DavKem

The exotic Wummox lives in a burrow, also colled a Wummox cave. The Wummox lives on the edge of the Meddatuid Rainforst, near the Meddtuid Sea. The scientific name is Wummoxus Genus. Its diet consists of water, small to medium sized mammals, and the occational Wummox berry, which is poisonous to everything but the Wummox. A Wummox has a life span of 100 years. The males weigh 300-350 lbs, but the females weigh twice as much!! The babies are given birth to in the cave. The Wummox has long fangs and eyes on stalks. It is said that if you look deep into the Wummox's eyes, you will see a tint of red. Nobody has lived to tell the tale.

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