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About the Wummox

The Wummox

  • bigger than a car
  • Slides on a mucusy foot, like a snail
  • Eats tree bark & leaves
  • Eyes on swivelling stalks
  • Long front teeth
About the Wummox

Here are twelve drawings picked by our habitats expert:

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Expert Review

I chose these wonderful habitats for the wummox because they each provide food, water, and shelter for the animals and their babies. Here's what's so great about them:

Finding food:

MADI1101's wummox hunts for rabbits, crickets, and large earthworms at night. According to garcemaura's habitat drawing, the wummox eats mushrooms that grow inside its cave. DavKem's wummox diet consists of water, small to medium sized mammals, and wummox berries.

Finding shelter:

The wummox shelter in candyluvr's habitat drawing is a freshly fallen tree that the wummox eats through and then uses for shelter. SweetiePoo provided the wummox with a cave for shelter. In watchout100's habitat, the wummox finds shelter in a nest underneath a bongdot tree.

Raising babies:

In the habitat that 19srk drew, wummox babies are raised in soft plants until they get their slime. A wummox in basketballbb's habitat will have babies underwater. Fallen trees provide a safe place for the wummox to raise babies in cicijolee's habitat.

Getting water:

The wummox in pugwash's habitat gets water when it drips into the hole where the wummox lives. Potato321's habitat offers a river as a water source for the wummox. Moist leaves on trees allow for the wummox to get food and water at the same time in luna5942's habitat, but the wummox might also get water from small puddles.

Each of these habitats has everything these animals need to live. Well done!

Twyla Woznik
Esteemed biologist and top expert on habitats in imaginary West Upper Minutia