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False-flying Speen
About the False-flying Speen

The False-flying Speen

  • Size of a rabbit
  • Can glide through the air
  • Eats insects that live under tree bark
  • Can be camouflaged as a tree branch
  • Has velcro-like pads on its feet
About the False-flying Speen

Here are twelve drawings picked by our habitats expert:

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Expert Review

I chose these outstanding habitats for the False-Flying Speen because they each provide food, water and shelter for the animals and their babies. Here's what's so extraordinary about them:

Finding food:

False-flying speen will find all sorts of delicious bugs under fallen tree logs in jenan1234's habitat. The Speen in krisb1's and lillie645's habitats can get bugs from the bark of live trees.

Finding shelter and searching for a mate:

dino831 has drawn a large cave for many speen to live in at once, like a bee hive. animallover1's false-flying speen live in piles of sticks where they can be camouflaged. bely2000 has provided a thick forest of trees for speen to crawl up and sleep on.

Raising babies:

ilovemypugs' speen babies can take stay safe in a den while their parents look for food. Adult speen live on trees in flower_80_'s habitat, but move up to the leafier parts when they have babies. sqeeky imagines that false-flying speen would raise their young in a tree nest.

Getting water:

flippers201 drew false-flying speen by a freshwater lake. gigiglop and LLquibbler gave their speen a nearby stream.

Each of these habitats has everything these animals need to live. Remarkable job!

Twyla Woznik
Esteemed biologist and top expert on habitats in imaginary West Upper Minutia