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About the False-flying Speen

The False-flying Speen

  • Size of a rabbit
  • Can glide through the air
  • Eats insects that live under tree bark
  • Can be camouflaged as a tree branch
  • Has velcro-like pads on its feet
About the False-flying Speen

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drawing by flippers201

The False-Flying Speen lives near a lake with many trees and a light blue sky. It is near a lake for water to drink, trees for the food (the insects under the tree bark), and a light blue sky for flying fun. When a False-Flying Speen is frightened or taking care of it's little ones it retreats to it's den under the tree. When it is finished caring for the kids or feels safer it shoots through the center of the tree to fly, hunt under bark or collect water.

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Think about:

  • Where does the animal get food and water?
  • Where does the animal stay safe?

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