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About the White-bellied Sneeloph

The White-bellied Sneeloph

  • Two feet long
  • Digs with its claws
  • Eats underground insects
  • Night vision
  • Has a trunk
About the White-bellied Sneeloph

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drawing by Mtoes1999

The WBS ( White-Bellied Sneeloph ) Mostly lives in uninhabited vallys made of rock. At night, the WBS leaves its rockpile home to hunt for its babies. When baby WBS are born, they are put in a nest of vines with the other babies. At night the mothers leave the babies in the nest while they go hunting. to go hunting, they first start by going underwater in the near river and scratch at loose rocks at the side. when the rocks are gone, they go in to the little caves. The WBS is so fast, that they outrun the water then seal it back up from the dirt side. There, they catch there pray and start to dig upward, and come out far from the river then return to the rock pile. At 7 weeks, The baby WBS learn to swim so they can catch prey.

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