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About the White-bellied Sneeloph

The White-bellied Sneeloph

  • Two feet long
  • Digs with its claws
  • Eats underground insects
  • Night vision
  • Has a trunk
About the White-bellied Sneeloph

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drawing by hypr

The WHITE-BELLIED SNEELOPH lives in clearwater ponds and raise their young among lilipads. WHITE-BELLIED SNEELOPHs live off of goldfish. They despise bad weather, so when it is stormy, they dive underwater. They also dive underwater to keep safe. Young WHITE-BELLIED SNEELOPHs develop their white bellies in their first eighteen months. They leave their mother`s safety at age three, when they begin to look for a mate. The average WHITE-BELLIED SNEELOPH will live seven years.

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