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About the Alpine Phloxum

The Alpine Phloxum

  • As wide as a bed
  • Can balance on cliffs and rocks
  • Eats grass & woody plants
  • Grows antlers
  • Stores fat on its back
About the Alpine Phloxum

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drawing by magicluv

The alpine phloxum lives in very cold climates, deep in the forests of alaska, and maine. The alpine phloxum eats the old leafs on the ground that have fallen off in late fall. He also eats the old branches off of old trees. The alpine phloxum doesn't really like water because of all the cold climates. You see, when the water freezes to make snow, the snow is to cold. In very cold weather, the alpine phloxum's water gets to cold to drink. But, the alpine phloxum, hibernates threw spring and summer, the egsact opisite of other animals, such as bears and squirrels. The alpine phloxum, lives in big holes in the ground, when he gets in the hole, he must then cover the hole with snow, so nobody knows where he is or where he is hiding. The alpine phloxum keeps her babies in the same hole that she hibernates in. And that is all about the, Alpine Phloxum..

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