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About the Manatami

The Manatami

  • 20 feet long
  • Smooth water-proof fur and flippers
  • Strains food through its teeth
  • Builds a home out of plants
  • Has good sense of smell
About the Manatami

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drawing by xenia18080

This drawing is a drawing of a Manatami, living in its normal habitat with its young in its nest which it made out of weeds, hay and grass.The Manatami drinks its water from the pond the Manatami lives next to. The Manatami also swims in the pond to keep cool, and, refreshed on a hot day, and, it gets its food from the nearest berry bush. It does this to see if its babies are safe all alone. It raises its baies in the nest that it had made.The Manatami babies drink the moms milk. If the Manatami see's its babies in danger because of a predator attach, it comes up to the predator and scares it away because the Manatami is probaly biger than the predator its-self. The End!

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Think about:

  • Where does the animal get food and water?
  • Where does the animal stay safe?

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