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About the Kweevark

The Kweevark

  • Bigger than a TV
  • Curls up and rolls
  • Eats at least 20 pounds of leaves a day
  • Has spines
  • Absorbs water through its skin
About the Kweevark

Here are twelve drawings picked by our habitats expert:

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Expert Review

I chose these spectacular habitats for the kweevark because they each provide food, water and shelter for the animals and their babies. Here's what's awesome about them:

Finding food:

In the habitat drawn by squeakytoy9, kweevarks live in foresty areas so they can maintain their 20-pounds-of-leaves-a-day diet. The kweevarks that penncollege6 drew stand on their back legs and munch the tops of extremely short trees in rainforests. Cave moss and water plants are what kweevarks eat in ginger4444's cave habitat.

Finding shelter:

Kweevarks make their own homes out of sticks, mud, and comfortable leaves in the habitat that Mia9119 drew. The multiple entrances in frad1's underground habitat help kweevarks escape danger. Burrows and nests are where kweevarks live in sheepysheep's habitat drawing.

Raising babies:

Small kweevark children stay on the ground with their father while their mother takes the oldest child to get food in Faegae529's habitat drawing. Even though the kweevarks in newton9's habitat live on top of a hill, they raise their babies in a very long cave to keep them safe. The kweevark in rosethecute's habitat digs a hole in a cave to raise babies in.

Getting water:

Melting snow runs off the mountainsides providing water for the kweevark families in the habitat drawn by Sunset_Fairy. The kweevarks in noontynootgal's habitat drawing get their water from vines in treetops or puddles from the rain. Since kweevarks live near a swamp in nikoo2000's habitat, they have a water cleaning system in their bodies so that they can drink swamp water.

Each of these habitats has everything these animals need to live. Nice work!

Twyla Woznik
Esteemed biologist and top expert on habitats in imaginary West Upper Minutia