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About the Kweevark

The Kweevark

  • Bigger than a TV
  • Curls up and rolls
  • Eats at least 20 pounds of leaves a day
  • Has spines
  • Absorbs water through its skin
About the Kweevark

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drawing by ginger4444

The Kweevark Live In A Snug Safe Big Cave With Mosses Growing Inside And A Pond With Delicious Plants That Grow. The Mother Kweevark Is Light Orange. The Father Is Bright Orange. The Elders Are Crimson Colored. The Tiny Crimson Babies Have A Soft Nest Made Out Of Grasses And Plants. They Have Cave Moss And Water Plants To Eat. They Get Cool Fresh Streamwater From A Pond Inside Their Cave. They Stay Safe By Putting Stone Slabs In The Entrance When Its Time To Sleep. Also They Have Spines To Prick The Enimies Of The Kweevark.

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Think about:

  • Where does the animal get food and water?
  • Where does the animal stay safe?

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