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About the Kweevark

The Kweevark

  • Bigger than a TV
  • Curls up and rolls
  • Eats at least 20 pounds of leaves a day
  • Has spines
  • Absorbs water through its skin
About the Kweevark

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drawing by Sunset_Fairy

The Kweevark Home. The Kweevarks live in pairs, together for life. They nest inside hollow tree trunks, where they raise their babies. They live in forested lands with moderate rainfall, close to mountainous areas which provide runoff from melting snow, during dry months of the year. Kweevarks spend about 50% of their time in the water, so they always live near ponds, lakes, or rivers. They choose to live in hilly areas, so that they can escape from predators by rolling down steep hills. They also are excellent tree climbers which allows them to escape into the higher branches, and to reach leaves to eat.

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