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About the Glotchen

The Glotchen

  • Smaller than a fly
  • Catches the wind with a sail-like wing
  • eats tiny bugs
  • Can sense any motion
  • Hangs from its tail
About the Glotchen

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drawing by 0l0ve

The Glotchen usually nests in the shelter of a cliff with a grassy overhang. Such cliffs are common in West Upper Minutia. The male hunts and protects the family, while the female stays near the roosting-place to watch over her children. Glotchens give birth to live young, up to four at a time. The babies are only able to drink milk for one day after their birth; after that they live off the Minutian insects, like their parents. The Glotchen drinks the dew off the grass in the early morning, which it stores in its body to hydrate it the rest of the day.

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