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About the Glotchen

The Glotchen

  • Smaller than a fly
  • Catches the wind with a sail-like wing
  • eats tiny bugs
  • Can sense any motion
  • Hangs from its tail
About the Glotchen

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drawing by ookiedog

The Glotchen hangs from trees to "hang out" with its friends and to look out for enemies. They get water from Ruff Lake and food from mosquitos that live in Ruff Lake. Their nests are made out of straw and are surrounded by poison ivy so other animals don't disturb the nests. The Glotchen doesn't have a reaction to poison ivy. If an enemy comes near, the Glotchen gives out a "beep!" and they fly in crazy figure eight's until the enemy is really confused. Then the Glotchen open the doors to their burrows and they fly inside and are safe.

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Think about:

  • Where does the animal get food and water?
  • Where does the animal stay safe?

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