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About the Web-footed Flebber

The Web-footed Flebber

  • Size of a goose
  • Webbed feet
  • Eats small frogs & fish
  • burrows into the bottom of a lake
  • Can't move when it's hot
About the Web-footed Flebber

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drawing by 7joyfulkids

Web-footed Flebbers lives where it has good access to a pond or lake. They make a burrow where it will be hidden from predators (In my picture it is hidden in the grass). They are nocturnal so they sleep in their burrow in the daytime, and come out at night when it is cool. To get food, they wade in the water and find frogs and fish to eat. If they have babies, the parents have to find food for them until they are big enough to do it for themselves. Web-footed flebbers like to live alone with their family, not in groups.

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Think about:

  • Where does the animal get food and water?
  • Where does the animal stay safe?

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