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About the Web-footed Flebber

The Web-footed Flebber

  • Size of a goose
  • Webbed feet
  • Eats small frogs & fish
  • burrows into the bottom of a lake
  • Can't move when it's hot
About the Web-footed Flebber

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drawing by UltraPup

The Web-footed Flebber thrives near ponds or lakes that provide fish, frogs, and other freshwater animals. In order to catch bottom-dwelling organisms, the Flebber burrows its sharp beak into the sand of the pond or lake. Nearby trees and boulders provide safety, privacy, and shelter as well as places to nest in tall grasses. Its sharp beak warns away predators hunting their eggs. If ever a predator approaches to drink water from the pond or lake, the Web-footed Flebber has the advantage of hiding in the reeds around the water source; though rarely, the Flebber may also choose to fly to a tree or high spot. Because of the animal's sensibility to heat from the sun, the tall grasses, reeds, boulders, and trees in its habitat also bring shade. Diving into the deeper parts of a lake or pond may give the Flebber a chance to cool down as well.

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