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About the Flarch

The Flarch

  • Size of a goat
  • Has fins
  • Eats clams, mussels & crabs
  • Lives underwater; comes out to breath
  • Has rainbow coloring
About the Flarch


Expert Review

I chose these fabulous habitats for the flarch because they each provide food, water and shelter for the animals and their babies. Here's what's so brilliant about them:

Finding food:

kiki1749255's habitat has big juicy crabs that flarch love to eat. weeder123 drew plenty of mussels and clams, and Horserider76 has provided a habitat full of tasty seafood.

Finding shelter and searching for a mate:

xadorkablex has created a cozy cave for flarch to sleep in. 8manatees drew a cave, too, which has lots of food nearby to attract mates. gracespy's flarch live among coral for extra protection from predators.

Raising babies:

fierros7 and alma12306 drew large open spaces so that their flarch have room to raise their young. Since rushing1010's flarch habitat is in the dark zone of the ocean, the animals have a cave to keep their babies safe in.

Getting air:

Flarch breathe air, not water, and will have no trouble surviving in cocogirl9466's habitat. harmonybug shows a flarch swimming upwards to take a breath, and prankster343 has drawn a bright, sunny sky with fresh air to breathe.

Each of these habitats has everything these animals need to live. Spectacular job!

Twyla Woznik
Esteemed biologist and top expert on habitats in imaginary West Upper Minutia