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About the Pygmy Baroot

The Pygmy Baroot

  • 3 inches long
  • Legs are shaped like springs
  • Drinks flower nectar
  • Can jump 15 feet
  • See-though skin
About the Pygmy Baroot

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drawing by 1faithgirl

The pygmy baroot lives in a beautiful mountain medow. There are plenty of flowers and large mountains for them to drink and climb. The pygmy baroot takes care of its offspring for life. When the older baroots die the next in line are in charge. They live in large groups, which are called balootes. They all live in one cave at the base of a mountain. Ten to thirty Baroot live in one cave at a time.The mountain protects them from wind, rain and predators.The baroot are rarely seen since they can jump away quickly.

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