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Can you use less electricity than you do now?

Collect data on how much electricity you use. Then, help bring down this week's average by submitting your results.

Why is using less electricity so important?


Most of the electricity we use comes from power plants that burn fossil fuels (coal, oil or natural gas) to produce electricity. Burning fossil fuels creates the greenhouse gas, CO2, which keeps some of the heat in our atmosphere from escaping into space. The more CO2 we add, the warmer our atmosphere stays, and the more our global climate changes.

Also, burning fossil fuels produces other waste products that can pollute the air we breathe, and water we drink. The less electricity we use, and the less fossil fuel gets burned, the better it is for our planet. Oh, and it saves money on your electric bill.

Flipping a switch is a pretty convenient way to make things happen, but do you always need electricity to get something done?