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Can you use less water than you do now?

Collect data on how much water you use. Then, help bring down this week's average by submitting your results.

Why is water so important?


Blossom says that the water I showered with this morning might have been the same water my great, great, great, great Uncle Ruff Ruffmanowicz drank hundreds of years ago. Even though there are more people needing to use water now, we can't make more of it. Water just keeps moving around in an endless cycle called the water cycle.

The problem is, in some places people are using up water faster than the water cycle can replace it. Those places are getting drier, and clean water is getting harder to find. In the US, people use about 80 gallons per week just in their showers!! But astronauts in space only use 21 gallons per week (3 gallons per day) for everything – drinking, showers, toilets, cooking – everything!! We could all actually get by using a lot less water per day.

Long, hot showers are nice, but do you really need to spend a long time in the shower to get clean?