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Can you take fewer trips than you do now?

Collect data on how many miles you drive each day. Then, help bring down this week's average by submitting your results.

Why is driving fewer miles in your car so important?


Cars burn gasoline or diesel, which are fossil fuels. This adds CO2 - a greenhouse gas - to our atmosphere. Greenhouse gases keep the heat in our atmosphere from escaping into space.

The warmer our atmosphere stays, the more our climate will change all over the world. When the climate changes, there may be big changes to the things that people depend on: the level of the oceans, the places where we can grow food, the air we breathe, and the water we drink.

So, the fewer miles we drive in the car, the less fuel we burn, the less CO2 we put into our air, the less heat is trapped in our atmosphere and the more stable our world-wide climate will be.

Getting around in the car makes life easier, but do you really need to drive everywhere you go?