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It's in the Bag

Results from all FETCHers:

You guys brought home 11.6 fewer bags than last week! Good job!

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This Week:

16,121 FETCHers each brought home an average of 38 bags.

If all these kids brought home just 1 fewer bag, FETCHers would keep 16,121 fewer bags from going into landfills in just one week.

So, how can you keep from bringing home so many bags?

  • If you can carry your things without a new bag, just say you don't need one.
  • BRING reusable bags when you go to the store or re-use the ones you got the last time you went shopping!
  • Ask your family and friends to try reusable bags when they go to the store too!
  • Get your friends and family to join this challenge!

You want to do even MORE?

  • Ask store managers if they would set up a credit system for customers who bring their own bags instead of using the paper or plastic bags from the store.
  • Organize a community clean-up committee to pick-up plastic bags from your neighborhood and recycle them.

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