Penny Bridge

Congratulations to Margot, 14, whose design got the most votes in our Top Builder: Penny Bridge Challenge! Here's what they have to say about it:

This here is my penny bridge. My bridge consists of about 121 pennies. Some of the measurements I took while making this bridge were that the highest point was approximately 4 centimeters tall, and that the width was about 14.5 centimeters wide. This project turned out to be very enjoyable for me to do, and I loved my outcome. When building this I attempted to try and make a suspense bridge type of look. I also had the Golden Gate Bridge in mind. Of course it would have been very difficult to create a bridge exactly like the Golden Gate, but I managed to make something somewhat relevant to it. My bridge has two of the wires going up from each side and it has 4 beams above the base, and 4 beams below the base for support. Also, the lighting from the window behind me made the picture look slightly patriotic from my point of view. Overall I liked building my penny bridge and I would love to do more things like it!

The Runners Up

  • Abisha, 15

  • Mina, 15

  • Kaila, 14

  • Mikayla, 15