Growing Fashion

Clothes and shoes help protect us from the weather, getting sick, and getting hurt. As kids get older, they grow out of their clothes and need new ones that fit better. But it's wasteful to always buy new clothes, because it takes a lot of resources to make and ship something new. How could you redesign clothes or shoes so they could grow with a kid and last longer?

The Prize

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Nate & Deysi's Favorite Designs

This dress is made with elastic, so it can change size and be comfortable for whomever is wearing it! What other materials could you use to make clothes that change sizes?

How many different ways can you make pants adjustable? This designer thought of two ways: using buttons to make the waist larger or smaller, and using zippers to make the pants longer or shorter.

This designer created shoes that can easily change sizes when someone pulls them open or closed. How else could you design a shoe to get bigger and smaller?

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