Parents & Educators: Online Workshop


Below are links to NASA and DESIGN SQUAD guides that are full of great hands-on activities you can try with kids in grades K–12. There are also online resources about engineering that are geared to middle school and high school students.

Review the resources, and make a list of activities you'd like to try with your kids.

Get Kids Excited About Engineering!

When you work with kids on engineering activities, you have a perfect opportunity to inspire the next generation of engineers! Find out more about engineering and how to talk to kids about it.

What's Great About Engineering
Watch videos of dynamic young engineers who are making a real difference in the world!

Engineer Your Life
Break down stereotypes about engineering and encourage girls discover whether it could be their dream job! The site features videos and profiles of dozens of fascinating women engineers.


On the Moon Activity Guide (Grades 3–12)
Produced by NASA and DESIGN SQUAD

Engineering Activity Guides from DESIGN SQUAD

DESIGN SQUAD Activities Online (Grades 4–7)

DESIGN SQUAD Educator's Guide (Grades 4–7)

DESIGN SQUAD Activity Guide (Grades 4–7)

DESIGN SQUAD Event Guide (Grades 4–7)

Invent It, Build It Activity Guide (Grades 4–7)

Engineering and Lunar Exploration Activity Guides from NASA

Moon Munchies Educator Guide (Grades K–4)

Exploring the Moon Teacher's Guide (Grades 4–12)

Field Trip to the Moon Educator Guide (Grades 5–8)

Field Trip to the Moon Companion Guide (Grades 5–8)

Field Trip to the Moon Informal Educator Guide (informal settings)

Field Trip to the Moon: LRO/LCROSS Edition Informal Educator Guide (informal settings)

Lunar Nautics: Designing a Mission to Live and Work on the Moon Educator Guide (Grades 5–8)

Packing Up for the Moon (Grades 5–8)

Lunar Plant Growth Chamber Educator Guide (Grades 9–12)

Engineering Resources

Welcome to ASCEville
The American Society of Civil Engineers offers middle school kids games, activities, and information about civil engineering careers.

The American Society for Engineering Education's K–12 Center
Presents biographies of engineers and information on what engineering careers and schools are like.

Discover Engineering
Offers activities, videos, and games to inspire middle school kids and teens to take a closer look at engineering.

JETS: Junior Engineering Technical Society
Provides resources for high school students to explore engineering. Includes videos, student competitions, career guidance resources, an e-newsletter, and more.

In collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration