Lesson Plans

THE CHALLENGE: Engineering Design Process

Content: Engineering Design Process; Force, Center of Gravity, and Friction
Theme: Fun and Games

Engineers find out what people want or need and then design and build products they think people will like.

In this hands–on challenge, students consider the needs of a client and build a toy or game. In the process, they use the design process and explore force, center of gravity, and friction. Students follow up the activity by testing their toy or game with other students to identify improvements they can make to their design.

Get more resources about the engineering of toys and games.


Introduce the idea that engineers observe or interview users to shape their designs.


During this "At Home" challenge, students will find examples of engineering in toys or games that may inspire ideas for their own designs.


Once all of the examples have been shared, students will design and sketch elements that improve their toy or game. Then, students will see how another engineer uses forces to design roller coasters.