Lesson Plans

THE CHALLENGE: Electricity and Circuits

Content: Electricity, Circuits
Theme: Fun & Games

Engineers figure out ways to apply science concepts, such as electricity, to make things people want and need.

In this hands–on challenge, students use circuits to invent a toy, game or foot-operated dance pad, similar to Dance Dance Revolution®. In the process, they learn about electric switches and use the design process to develop a pad that responds to their dance moves.

First students watch the Hidden Alarm challenge video to get a quick refresher on circuits. Then, they work in teams to design and build their version of any of the following activities (40 min). Or, you can choose from these additional activities.


After getting a quick refresher on circuits as they watch the Hidden Alarm challenge video, students will work in collaborative teams to design their own "dance pad."


During this "At Home" challenge, students will interview or observe the clients — friends or family — to determine how the features of their design could be improved.


After sharing results from their "At Home" interviews, students will design and sketch elements that improve their project. Then, students will see how the DESIGN SQUAD tackled a similar challenge in the "Bodies Electric" episode.