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Mission: Solar System

NASA and Design Squad Nation team up to inspire a new generation of engineers

Launch your kids into space exploration with these space-based, hands-on engineering challenges. They are designed for kids in school and afterschool programs, grades 4 to 8.

  • Engage kids in engineering and in NASA's exploration of the solar system.
  • Give kids fun, relevant ways to apply STEM concepts and skills.
  • Let kids think like NASA engineers and apply their creative problem-solving skills.
  • Spark kids' interest in engineering and space-science careers.


Challenges and Teaching Tips

  • Editorial Project Director: Chris Randall
  • Associate Editor: Lauren Feinberg
  • Writers: Jeffery Lockwood & Chris Randall
  • Creative Director: Alison Kennedy
  • Designer: Colin Mahoney

Challenge Videos

  • Executive Producer: Marisa Wolsky
  • Produced by: FunnyBoat Productions
  • Producers: Marcy Gunther, Eric Handler
  • Director of Photography: Mark Helton
  • Production Sound: John Osborne
  • Post Production Studio: Endgame Post
  • Editor: Mark Geffen
  • Music by: Geoff Adams

Engineer Profile Videos

  • Executive Producer: Marisa Wolsky
  • Producer: Dorothy Dickie
  • Director of Photography: Ken Willinger
  • Post Production Studio: McFarland & Pecci
  • Editor: Ian McFarland
  • Assistant Editor: Anthony Jarvis
  • Color Correction: Tony Fernandez
  • Music by: Edward Grenga