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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the show Design Squad Nation about? Is it different than Design Squad?

Design Squad Nation is the exciting new series produced by the same people who brought you Design Squad. It's about two engineers who work with kids around the world to make their dreams come true with engineering. Read more about the show.

Can I audition to be on the Design Squad Nation television show?

We are not currently holding auditions for Design Squad Nation.

When is Design Squad Nation on?

Design Squad Nation premieres on January 26, 2011 on PBS. To find out when Design Squad Nation is on, check with your local public television station.

Where can I buy episodes of Design Squad?

Episodes of Design Squad Season 1 can be purchased through the Apple iTunes Store. Other seasons of Design Squad are not currently available for purchase on DVD or other home video formats. But you can watch them all for free right here on our Web site!

I am a teacher. Do I need permission to show Design Squad and Design Squad Nation in my classroom?

All episodes of the show are made available in full and for free on this Web site. You also may tape any Design Squad episode and use it for educational purposes for up to one year after broadcast.