Parents, Educators & Engineers

Training Others

You can run a Design Squad Training and teach other adults how to lead engineering activities with kids. This section contains a training slide show, talking points, printable handouts, a list of materials to collect, and preparation tips.

Note: This one-hour training is designed to be led by experienced trainers. We invite you to make modifications to fit your style and audience. You might also want to work with a partner the first time you lead this training, so that it's easier to prepare, facilitate activities, and evaluate your training.

Resources Provided:


Materials to Collect:

Pop Fly activity materials (per participant)

  • Duct tape
  • 3-5 paint stirrers
  • 1 ping-pong ball
  • 1 wooden block or spool
  • 3-oz paper cups (optional)

Go to page 12 of the Event Guide to find online sources for Pop Fly materials that can help save you time and money.


  • Review the Slide Show and Talking Points. Feel free to modify these materials to fit your audience. Note: If you are unable to project the slides on a screen, make copies of the Slide Show for participants.
  • The presentation contains two video clips.
    Download a 4-minute overview of Design Squad
    Download a 2-minute D Squad Pro File
  • The information on slides 11-15 is from the Engineer Your Life campaign. Before the training, download the full report at and review. We recommend that you view the video of Kito Robinson presenting this research, also on this Web site:
  • Plan the logistics of your training, including date and location. If your group is part of a larger organization, you may want to contact that organization to ask for meeting space, materials, and publicity for your training.
  • Plan how to publicize the training.
  • Make a handout packet with copies of the following for each participant:
    Pop Fly Challenge, Working with Kids, and Training Evaluation.
  • Collect materials for the Pop Fly challenge. Try the activity before the training to become familiar with the steps and to determine if you should make modifications.
  • Rehearse the entire workshop to fine-tune your presentation and ensure that it fits within the allotted time.