Box Pop-Up Card


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  • 1

    Here’s what you need to make your own “Box” pop-up card!

    • Paper (8.5 x 11 inch copier or construction paper)
    • Tape
    • Scissors
    • Glue stick
    • General art supplies for decorating and writing messages
  • 2

    Make the strip

    • Cut a strip of paper about three inches long and one inch wide.
    • Fold it into four sections.
    • TIP: Boxes can be wide or narrow, depending on your design. If a box is very thin, it’s easy to hide it behind a figure.
  • 3

    Turn the strip into a box

    Cut off half of each end section. 

  • 4

    Attach the box

    • Fold the strip into a little box.
    • Smear glue onto each of the ends, on the outer side.
  • 5

    Attach the box

    • Glue the box near the center of the card.
    • Close the card to make sure the box lies perfectly flat when the card is closed.
    • TIP: To make a more elaborate design, use two or more pop-up boxes. If you make strips different lengths, your characters can pop up in different places, like near the front and near the back of the card.
  • 6

    Attach a figure to the box

    Make a figure and attach it to one of the open faces of the box.

  • 7

    Decorate and add a greeting

    Draw scenery for your figure.

  • 8

    Did you know?

    Paper bends along lines of weakness. A crease is a line of weakness. Paper typically bends where there’s a fold. Pop-up cards take advantage of this feature by using creases to make the paper bend or move in predictable ways when you move the pop-up.

  • 9

    Try this next!

    • Turn the box into a character.
    • Change the proportions. By changing proportions of the sections, make the box into a bed, refrigerator, stove, swimming pool, or car.
    • Supersize! Make a BIG pop-up from cardboard taken from a box.