Treehouse Elevator

A few years ago, inventor Ethan Schlussler built himself an incredible treehouse, complete with bridges to nearby trees and a zip-line to his house on the ground! However, he quickly got tired of climbing the long ladder to reach the treehouse everyday. This gave him the idea to design an easier mode of transportation using recycled and repurposed objects found around his home. He used an old bicycle, a water heater tank, a basket, and lots of odds and ends to create a human-powered elevator that would lift him up to his treehouse!

To use the elevator, Ethan sits on the bicycle while it's chained to a big rock. The rock holds the bicycle in place on the ground when it's not in use. He then unhooks the bike and starts pedaling! The tank is filled with enough water to balance out his weight as he starts rising up towards the treehouse. If he wants to lower the elevator, he simply takes his feet off the pedals and releases the bike's brake! Ethan even added a big basket to the front of the bicycle to bring items up to the treehouse, because he always had trouble carrying things up the ladder. Check out the video below to see the bicycle elevator in action!

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