Transforming Fashion

Ever wondered how fashion design can be used for social change? This is exactly what Angela Luna set out to do when she created Design for Difference: Crossing the Boundary.

In school, Luna heard about the refugee crisis taking place around the world. Refugees are people that don't feel safe in their homes and have to leave. Luna learned that a lot of refugees need to leave their things behind, and she wanted to find a solution. Luna was able to create clothing that can unzip and transform into items that keep people safe in harsh climates. A couple of examples include a backpack that transforms into a warm cape and a jacket that turns into a 5-person tent!

Luna has proved that fashion can change lives and that design can be used for social good. Through her company Adiff, Luna hopes to create more items and share her designs with lots of people in need. She also wants to keep raising awareness of the refugee crisis and other issues around the world.Click to Watch on Youtube

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