Super Kids

If you've ever wanted a superpower, the Superhero Cyborg workshop is the place to make it happen. There, kids and teens worked with engineers to create their superpowers: fun, wearable devices that spray glitter, grip tightly, squirt water, and more. Some people in the workshop already had wearable devices for disabilities, like prosthetic hands to pick things up. But, there are so many other things an arm attachment could do! The workshop participants sketched ideas for their devices on paper. Then, they learned to create their building materials using software and a 3D printer. By the end of the workshop, everyone had designed, built, tested, and redesigned an arm attachment. And the engineering didn't stop there.

One kid in the workshop, Aidan Robinson, created a device that Legos can connect to. Afterwards, he kept working with engineer Coby Unger to design more attachments for his arm: a fork, a violin bow, a holder for a video-game controller, and more. Each one fits securely and comfortably to a sleeve that Aidan wears. The design uses inexpensive and 3D printed parts and can be adjusted as Aidan grows. Through this design process, Aidan now has many useful and playful abilities!

Click the image below to watch Coby and Aidan's design process:

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What would YOU design as a fun or helpful superpower device? Submit your ideas in the Design section.

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