Smart Soap

We need soap to keep our hands clean and stay healthy! That's why over 200 million people bought hand soap in 2019. However, hand soap it is usually packaged in plastic containers that can be harmful to the environment. To help solve this problem, a company from Sweden, called From Us with Love, came up with the idea for a soap powder that can be mixed with water in a reusable glass bottle! 

The creators of this new soap, called Forgo, worked with a group of scientists to make the powder from six ingredients that are needed to clean your hands. After finding out that most hand soaps are made from 80 percent water, designers at the company realized that only a small amount of powder would make an entire bottle of hand wash! The soap powder is packaged in envelopes that are made from recycled paper and cardboard, which can be easily composted or dissolved in water after they've been used. Forgo is available in two scents that are made from reused tree bark and fruit peels. In the future, From Us with Love hopes to expand their line of products to include body wash, deodorant, and toothpaste! 

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