Recycled Skateboards

All around our world, we are producing a whole lot of trash. Americans alone create over 250 million tons of trash in one year! Only 30% of that trash is recycled, and the rest ends up in landfills or our environment. That's why we're always looking for new and creative ways to reduce and reuse our waste. 11-year-old Carson Kropfl from San Clemente, California, was able to do just that! Carson discovered that 2 million skateboards end up in landfills every year. Some of the boards are broken or worn out from use, but a lot of them are new and in great condition. Unfortunately, if a skateboard's artwork is not printed perfectly at the factory, the board won't be sold and gets thrown away. Carson found a way to reduce this waste and invent a helpful new type of skateboard!

Carson loves to skateboard, but he realized his board wouldn't fit in his locker at school. So he visited his local skate shop and asked to use an old board they weren't selling. He cut the ends off the skateboard in his backyard workshop. Carson made the skateboard small enough that it would easily fit in his backpack and locker. He realized he could start selling these reused boards to other kids that had the same problem. His skateboards became so popular that he started a company called Locker Boards! His company only makes the custom skateboards by reusing the boards that would be thrown into landfills. Carson also loves to surf, so for every skateboard his company sells he also donates $1 to Oceans Unite, which is an organization working on helping our oceans.

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