One Smart Cookie!

How did chocolate chip cookies come to be? Back in 1930, Ruth Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn, was baking Butter Drop Do cookies. This kind of cookie uses baker’s chocolate, which has high amounts of cocoa butter and melts completely throughout the dough. As Mrs. Wakefield began mixing the ingredients, she realized that she did not have any baker’s chocolate left.

Instead of giving up on her cookies, she decided to experiment with semi-sweet chocolate chips. Mrs. Wakefield expected them to melt just like the baker’s chocolate had, but semi-sweet chocolate contains less cocoa butter than baker's chocolate. Rather than melting throughout the cookie dough, the semi-sweet chocolate pieces became gooey, and only melted a little. She learned that the smaller amount of cocoa butter allowed them to keep their shape when heated.

This new recipe became known as the “Chocolate Crunch Cookie,” and it was a huge hit at the Inn. Today, you might call it the "chocolate chip cookie." Sometimes the best inventions are the result of improvising and experimenting when something does not go according to plan!  

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 (Image Credit: Betty Crocker)

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