Instant Ice Cream

Ice cream can be a great treat during the hot, summer months. But dairy farmers have to work hard to keep their ice cream shipments frozen as they are delivered to stores hundreds of miles away. Unfortunately, the chemicals that are used in the delivery trucks to keep the ice cream cold can be harmful to the environment. This is why food scientist, Dr. Rizvi Syed created a way to freeze ice cream on demand! 

Dr. Syed uses a method called "flash freezing" to make his ice cream. This is a process that combines carbon dioxide with pressure, which causes one scoop of ice cream to freeze at -94 degrees Fahrenheit in about three seconds. By using this method, ice cream shops are able to store dry mixtures on their shelves for long periods of time and make their frozen desserts right as they're ready to be served! Flash freezing ends up cutting down on the amount of energy required for storing gallons of ice cream. This means more yummy ice cream can be produced in a faster and more environmentally-friendly way! 

Watch the video below to see how carbonated ice cream is made!

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(Image Credit: Cornell)

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