Growing Concrete

In cities big and small, concrete is everywhere! It's used to pave our roadways and sidewalks, and it's the main ingredient found in bricks. However, in large amounts, concrete releases a gas called carbon dioxide, which traps heat and can be harmful to the environment. Fortunately, a team of scientists in Colorado created a new type of concrete that absorbs carbon dioxide instead!

This eco-friendly concrete is made from a mixture of bacteria and sand. These "green-bacteria" go through a process called photosynthesis, which means they need sunlight and carbon dioxide in order to grow. As the bacteria grow, they produce more raw materials needed to make new concrete! This creates less of a need to use manmade materials that could pollute the air. The scientists behind this "living concrete" recommend that it is produced in warm, humid environments for the most growth. They hope that one day bacteria can be used more in architecture and design around the world!

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