Glow on the Go

People wear jackets for lots of reasons, like staying warm or dry. Some jackets help keep people safe by making it easy to see them in the dark. Most of these jackets have reflective materials on them, and a light needs to shine on the jacket in order for the person to be seen. A company in London, England, called Vollebak, has designed a new kind of jacket that creates its own light without electricity!

The Solar Jacket is designed to be powered by light, and also works as a waterproof windbreaker. Engineers at Vollebak were inspired by how plants absorb and use energy. The jackets have a thin layer of fabric that absorbs energy from light quickly and glows for a long time as it gets dark out. To test how well the jackets glow in the dark, the engineers took jackets to a dark room and shined cell phone flashlights on them. The Solar Jacket started glowing immediately! This technology can help people safely enjoy more time outside. 

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(Image Credit: TIME)

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