Fishy Plastic

Most of us use plastic packaging every day! Food, new toys, and many other products come wrapped in clear plastic that we end up tossing in the garbage. However, plastics can damage the environment because they take up to 1,000 years to decompose, or break down. That's why British inventor Lucy Hughes created MarinaTex, a different kind of plastic made from plant and animal materials!

Lucy didn't want to waste new natural resources for her version of plastic, so she looked for materials that were being thrown away. There is a large fishing industry where she lives, so she decided to use the leftover fish skin and scales for her experiments. Lucy did over 100 different tests with the fish waste and other materials before she created a thin, stretchy, and clear bioplastic! MarinaTex only takes four to six weeks to break down in a home compost bin, so it is much better for the environment than regular plastic.

So far, Lucy has used MarinaTex to make biodegradable plastic wrap, but she plans to make bags, bottles, and more!

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