Design Squad Maker

Design Squad Maker is a new program for kids ages 8-11 and their grown-ups to create engineering design projects together in museums, maker spaces, and at home. Families come up with problems that they want to solve, brainstorm solutions, build prototypes, and test them to see how they work. They experience the same steps that engineers use to solve real-world problems, with help from an app and workshop leaders!

In the app, kids can take photos, sketch ideas, and write notes while they work. Everything for each project gets saved in one place, so kids can see how their projects change over time. Plus, there are tips, cools ideas and examples of what other kids have made!

Design Squad Maker app screen showing a project summary, including a diagram of pick-pocket-proof pants.

The app, produced by GBH Kids, is available for free for smartphones and tablets from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Search online to find out if a maker space, museum, or library near you is hosting Design Squad Maker workshops!

What will YOU make with Design Squad Maker?

Privacy Policy

GBH Kids and Design Squad Maker are committed to creating a safe and secure environment for children and families and to being transparent about what information is collected from users.

The Design Squad Maker app collects anonymous, aggregated analytics data for the purpose of improving the app experience—for example, determining which features are more popular in general. No personally identifiable data is collected. Photos taken with this app are stored locally on your device as part of the explicit functionality of the app. The app does not send or share these photos anywhere. GBH Kids does not see any photos taken by this app.

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