Custom Controller

You've probably seen or played with a video game controller before, but did you know the small buttons and movements can be really hard for some people to control? At a Microsoft hackathon, which is an event where many designers and engineers get together to build new things, designer Bryce Johnson started to brainstorm a totally new controller. This controller would especially help gamers with disabilities who have a hard time using their hands.

Bryce began designing the controller to adjust to the needs of gamers with different disabilities. For example, gamers can plug in foot pedals to play racing games, or use their wrist and a one-handed controller to play basketball or soccer games. The Adaptive Controller has nineteen different ways to connect accessories! Bryce is still coming up with ideas of how the controller can work in new ways, such as attaching to someone’s arm or to a wheelchair’s arm rest. His goal is to get every gamer back to what they love doing: gaming!

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