Compost Contraption

Cassie, a kid from New Zealand, does not like to take out food scraps from her kitchen to her backyard compost bin. So she asked inventor Joseph Herscher and his team to design a contraption to take out the compost for her. 

First they made a catapult that could fling the compost into the bin. But when they tested their design the catapult was hard to aim, and it flung the compost all over the place! Next they tried making an air-powered cannon that could shoot the compost more directly into the bin. However, shooting the compost was even messier than flinging it! Finally they designed a machine that carried the compost slowly and cleanly from Cassie's kitchen window to the bin using a cart on a track. This design worked great, and Cassie now has help with her messy chore!

Watch the video below to see the compost-moving machines in action!

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