Clothes for Good

Have you ever donated your old clothes or toys? Are you curious where these items go? There are many families around the world who don't have enough money to buy things their children need. These kids depend on donations sent from people and organizations. Kidbox, a children's clothing company, wants to help by providing kids with a lot of stylish, new clothes! Kidbox is a service which makes clothes shopping a lot easier for parents and kids, by sending them a personalized box of clothing in the mail. The head of the company, Miki Berardelli, had an idea for how Kidbox could help a lot of other people, too: every time a family buys a box of clothes, an organization called Delivering Good donates new clothing to a child in need!

Miki says the original goal for Kidbox was to provide clothing for 1 million children. Since launch, they have donated more than $8.5 million in new clothing to kids in need! And because their clothing is made for kids, Miki realized kids should have a voice in the company as well. Kidbox has a "Kids Board" of 12 kids, ages 8 to 14, that help make decisions for the company. Every kid on the board was chosen for making a difference in their own community. One board member, Jayben Perez, organized a toy drive in his neighborhood and delivered 1,100 gifts to the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico! The kids are currently working on creating an anti-bullying graphic that will be printed on shirts included in the next box.

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